How We Do What We Do - Our Services Explained

If you have been referred to D. Wes Cox please click on the applicable link below for information relative to Mr. Cox's role and assignment, your responsibilities and expectations.
State of Tennessee
Vocational Evaluation Services
If you have been referred by a vocational rehabilitation counselor for testing please click the link below to learn more about the testing process.
US Dept. of Labor
- OWCP, Vocational Rehabiliation Services
If you are a Federal employee and have been referred by OWCP for VR services please click the link below to learn about vocational rehab services.
Medical Case Management - Full & Telephonic

The State of Tennessee addresses medical case management as follows:

"The purpose of the Medical Case Management Program, or Case Management, is to help coordinate the medical treatment services provided to injured employees for their work-related injuries.  This is done through a Case Manager that assists in obtaining medical treatment and is used to promote the most cost-effective treatment without compromising the patient's quality of care."

Litigation Support
  • Transferable Skills Analysis - Work Capacity

  • Vocational Testing

  • Labor Market Research - Analysis & Survey

  • Employability Assessment

  • Retraining Plans

  • Life Care Plans - Coming soon

  • Case Review

  • Attorney Consultation & Education

  • Re-employment Plans

Vocational Expert
"Vocational Experts are vocational professionals who provide impartial expert opinion evidence about a claimant’s vocational abilities that an ALJ [Judge / Court / Jury] considers when making a decision about disability."
Only a professional possessing a graduate degree in Rehabilitation Counseling, specific professional certifications and numerous years of experience should present one self as a "Vocational Expert."
Long Term Disability



We Provide TSA's with a 5-Day Turnaround.

We Provide Employability Assessments with a 7-Day turnaround.