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Over-Qualified. It's Real & Not Necessarily Age Discrimination





In response to the many comments I'm seeing (lately) on social media and hearing from job candidates especially from those age 50 and older, I thought I'd share my thoughts on this subject.


Being over-qualified is real. It does not mean that an employer is discriminating against a job candidate based on age. The concept of being over-qualified is based on sophistication of one's skill-set and earning potential. Matching a job candidate's skill-set to a specific job is critical to ensure success. Optimally, a job candidate should be minimally qualified for the job of application, thus challenging the candidate. Hired at this stage of one's knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA's) allows the candidate to grow into the individual job and to a greater extent the occupation. Additionally, the professional in-question should be paid a salary commensurate with the candidate's KSA's and said salary should increase as the professional gains experience and role proficiency.


A hiring manager is actually setting up a failure scenario if the hiring manager fills a role with an over-qualified professional (OQP). The OQP will eventually – often sooner than later – seek work which is more challenging and equal to the value of their skill-set. Often professionals in dire need of an income seek jobs well below their ability and value. Yes, this individual is qualified for the job but not a suitable skill-set match. More often-than-not the hiring manager filling a vacancy with an OQP will end up having to fill this position again, much sooner than average or preferred.


Having shared my thoughts, I thank everyone taking the time to read my post and wish everyone the best of luck. God bless.


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