D. Wes Cox, MBA, MRC, CRC, CCM, PGAP/c

Vocational Expert / Disability Witness

D. Wes Cox is a vocational expert -- based in Nashville, Tennessee -- specializing in litigated matters.  Mr. Cox has 25 years experience in disability management both vocational and medical.  He is a former medical business owner, and medical clinic administrator. He's developed and  managed a team of up to 15 professionals and para-professionals. He's had "skin-in-the-game." He's actually been responsible for making payroll, a unique expertise to the field of vocational experts.

Mr. Cox possesses:


  • Three Master's degrees.

  • Numerous vocational, counseling, medical management certifications (CRC, CCM, PGAP).

  • Significant psychology doctoral coursework.

  • Extensive experience in vocational loss / disability analysis.

  • Experienced in medical corporation operations.

  • Human resource management.

  • Medical practitioner recruitment.

  • Medical practice worksite development, workflow process, evaluation, organizational development, compensation systems. 

  • Experienced in job placement and job development.

  • Experienced in medical case management.


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Personal & Professional Interests


Mr. Cox is the proud father of three amazing children, all grown sort-of. He has two sons and a daughter. He is blessed to be married to a wonderful wife, Yvette. He is an avid golfer, animal lover, SEC college sports fan and enjoys traveling with his soulmate, Yvette.


His heart and passion is helping others improve their lives. He considers himself a "HelpCare" provider. His life mottos are

"Fail to Focus or You will Fail", "If You Want to Heal I want to Help," Question Everything, including Yourself and Your Questions."