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Occupational Analysis
Occupational Analysis

Client of Vocational Expert Witness
Client of Vocational Expert Witness

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What We Do
Disability Services /
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Sub-Contract Case Management

Safe Work Solutions is a disability consulting practice specializing in vocational expert services. Our expertise includes vocational loss and disability analysis, medical case management, human resources, medical practice admin., and coming soon life care planning.

We are based in the Nashville, Tennessee area but offer services nationwide.


Everything we do and everything we're about involves disability & work, how the concepts merge or conflict.

We define and defend our expert analysis via testimony (deposition & trial) in both State and Federal courts.

We help solve the disability / work equation.

Mr. Cox is experienced in virtually every professional role relative to work and disability including:

  • Occupational / Vocational Expert Analysis.

  • Medical Case Management - Board Certified - CCM.

  • Return-to-Work Systems.

  • Job Modification & Adaptation.

  • Ergonomics.

  • Job Analysis.

  • Labor Market - Analysis & Survey.

  • Transferable Skills Analysis.

Our client's include:

  • US. Dept. of Labor, Office of Workers' Compensation Programs, AKA "OWCP." 

  • State of Tennessee, Dept of Human Services, Division of VR Services for the provision of vocational evaluation.

  • Social Security Administration.

  • Long-Term Disability Insurers.

  • Divorce Attorneys.

  • Defense & Plaintiff Attorneys.

All insurer-focused case management (non-attorney referrals) is performed on a sub-contract basis.  Please refer your case through the case management company with which you maintain a business relationship.

Our Expertise
  • Vocational Expert Services & Witness

  • Medical Case Management

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Transferable Skills Analysis

  • LTD - Employability Analysis

  • Occupational & Psychosocial Testing

  • Ergonomic Assessments

  • HR Job Role Development

  • Job Analysis

  • Veteran's VR Assistance

  • Life Care Planning by Yvette Cox

Tel: (615) 347-7137 ~ Wes.Cox@sws.email ~ eFax: (615) 472-7849 ~ PO Box 680245, Franklin, TN 37068-0245